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  • Nausicart

    "Your children are not your children... They came through you but not from you... They belong not to you" - Khalil Gibran

    Who am I ?

    Nausicart is an NGO manifesting and getting involved in artistic projects that support the emergence of a harmonious world that will be embodied by our children. We have to offer a better world to our children.


    Our children are the Heart of this new world; for it to beat at the frequency of Love, we must preserve our children and open a path for them that is free from the gilded prison in which we live, so they may follow their own paths freely and be able to live in the being and not in the having.

    Why Nausicart ?

    Nausicaä is the heroine princess of the film with the same title, directed by Hayao Miyazaki. In a post-apocalytic world, with the help of nature, the young girl tries to bring peace between men and restore a balance between human beings and nature.

    The art is the most universal tool.

    What is my intention ?

    To make aware the general public, the artists, the professionals and the public authorities to the following issues and problems:

    - ecology and more generally respect for nature;

    - access and sharing of natural resources fairly;

    - respect for life in all its forms;

    - any subject tending to ensure the balance between the generations, the coexistence of the living beings composing the planet and in order to avoid any form of exploitation and/or discrimination of the human being.

  • NEWS


    News 2023

    Nausicart supports Leina Sato & Jean-Marie Ghislain for their transmedia project "The world of Nai'a" including a documentary serie directed by Jan Kounen & Anne Paris.


    Nausicart supports Marie Barraillier & Anell Medias for the cross-media multivers project on biodiversity "Hemera"


    Nausicart supports the artist/writer/singer La Broma


    The film documentary "Bigger Than Us" directed by Flore Vasseur and supported by Nausicart has been screened in preview at the 2021 Cannes film festival. The film is still available on theater and VOD. To know more:



    The documentary "Vivante" is freely available on:



    The documentary "Regeneration" is freely available on:



    Nausicart supports the artists/writers/directors Gabriel Mercier and Antoine Quinquis for their documentary "Horme"


    Nausicart supports the american composer Mark Yaeger for his musical and cross-media project "Origin" with astrophysicists, mathematicians, philosophers, sound therapists, astrologers, spiritualists...



    Nausicart supports Arnaud Riou for his documentary "Etugen". Actually in theaters.


    Nausicart supports the artist Sabine Krikorian for her project "Innercell Art"


    To raise awareness, give pause for thought, wonder, disturb, question and awaken.

    The world of Nai'a

    Documentary serie and transmedia project

    Writers & coproducers : Leina Sato & Jean-Marie Ghislain

    Directors : Jan Kounen & Anne Paris

    Pitch : explore life with the eyes of a child, Nai'a, who gradually becomes aware of environmental issues, while naturaly integrating them into an innocent, but blatant reflection on the protection of the planet.



    Musical and cross-media project project based on the sounds of the Universe in partnership with the scientists from ESA (European Space Agency), astronaut Jean-Francois Clervoy, astronaut Claudie Haignere, astrophysicist Trinh Xuan Thuan, sound therapist Francois-Marie Dru, astrologer Pola Von Grut...

    Composer: Mark Yaeger

    Production: Touché Music

    Pitch: To travel, to lose oneself, to feel, to love ... to exist within all that surrounds us. Since the beginning of time, earthly beings have expressed themselves. Long before writing, sung stories were the link between kingdoms, cultures, and peoples. On the terrestrial scale, this is extremely exciting because when it's the universe that sings your story, your origins, your present, then, anything can happen.


    Film Documentary

    Director: Alex Ferrini

    In theaters and VOD

    Trailer :


    Pitch: A film inspired by the law of hormesis to awaken us to beauty, the perfection of life. We are not machines! We are alive! A film that will invite us to move again.

    "Bigger Than Us"

    Film Documentary & transmedia storytelling - released in Sept 2021 in theaters

    Writer-Director: Flore Vasseur

    Production: Elzevir / Big Mother / Marion Cotillard



    Film Documentary

    Director: Alex Ferrini

    Trailer: https://vimeo.com/311688960

    Pitch: Humanity has its back to the wall. Everything is done to tell us to change our way of life. Today the scientific community joins this message to change course. At the dawn of a new path, a new direction, the film of the village of Pourgues "Freedom! " goes in this direction by showing another attitude to the living in general: childhood, soil, agriculture, the body ... but also face time and work.


    TRAILER: https://vimeo.com/321728606

    Film Documentary 

    Director: Alex Ferrini

    Pitch: From the infinitely small to the infinitely large, life proliferates according to the same laws. This film proposes you to regenerate the bodies and the grounds at the same time, to heal the Earth by taking care of ourselves so as to leave our spacecraft earth in a better condition than it is today.

    "The 9 billion Names of God"

    based on Arthur C. Clarke short story




    Short film - in post-production

    Director: Dominique Filhol

    Pitch: This short story is about a Tibetan lamasery whose monks seek to list all of the names of God. They go to New York to rent a computer capable of printing all the possible permutations, and they hire two Westerners to install and program the machine. The computer operators soon discover the strange purpose of this project.

    The film is selected

    - at Les Intergalactiques international short films festival in Lyon on sunday, april 28th 2019

    - at the Philip K. Dick Film Fesival in Santa Ana California (USA) from march 15th to 17th

    - at the international festival of Sedona (USA) from Feb 23rd to march 3rd 2019

    - at the Seattle Science fiction+Fantasy short film festival (USA) on march 9th & 10th 2019

    - at the Science Fiction festival of Boston (USA) from February 8th to the 18th 2019

    - at the short film festival of Maisons Laffitte (France) on January 24th 2019

    - at the PIFFF 2018 at Max Linder theater on December 8th 2018

    - at the VASTERAS Festival in Sweden

    - at ATLANTA SCI-FI Film Festival (USA) on Sept 29th at GSU’s Cinefest Theater

    - at the PARIS SCIENCE FESTIVAL in Paris, France, in October 2018

    - at the OFF COURTS festival in Trouville, France, in September 2018

    - at the NOT FILM FEST in Santarcangelo di Romagna, Italy, from Sept. 18th to Sept. 23rd 2018

    - at the FILM QUEST festival in Utha (USA) from Sept 7th to Sept 15th 2018

    Cannes Film Festival 2019

    Nausicart is a partner of lajourneebytheland at the Cannes Film Festival.

    Lajourneebytheland offers an ethical place on the roof of the hotel 3.14 that highlights ecology, sustainable development, spirituality, respect for life ... and intends to create an eco-responsible community

    #lajourneebytheland #nausicart


    Art to help humanity

  • Our Expression

    With the Universe as its source, art awakens humanity.

    Art is a unique powerful and beautiful form of communication that transcends culture, time and human boundaries.

    When art is effectively directed, it surpasses the barriers of the mind and touches the hearts of many.

    The ultimate role of art is to reveal our true nature and our essential being.

  • Our Certainty

    We must work toward the emergence of a balanced world.

    All living creatures are connected and interdependent.

    It's critical we each take special care to embrace and nourish our humanity in order to reach a sense of harmony. This requires a personal and collective commitment to connecting with our emotions, nourishing our inner selves, listening to our inner voice, and sharing kindness with all living beings; when we do this, we allow the emergence of a world based on love rather than fear.


    "The future is not what will happen to us but what we will do" - Henri Bergson


    "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do" - Henry Dunant

  • Connecting Art to our Certainty

    Producing documentaries, feature films, short programs, animated films, TV series, festivals and artistic events for the artists who have a deep positive enlightened message to spread. A message to elevate consciousness.

    Artistic creations reveal the beauty of the world and push human beings to question their understanding of reality. From their questions about their relationship to the Self, the other as well as to nature, the earth, and the universe, human beings will undertake profound inner change.

    Many films, documentaries and artistic events have already played the role of awakening us; their success indicates how much they have touched our hearts. Some examples include Arrival, Matrix, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Interstellar, Groundhog day, Into the Wild, Star Wars, Spirited Away, Person of Interest, Baraka, An Inconvenient Truth, Demain and Home - as well as artistic projects like The Wall and the Burning Man Festival (the sculpture "Love" by Alexander Milov traveled around the world).

  • How

    Artist Support

    Supporting artists from the early stages of their projects until the broadcasting; providing artists with professional and personal experience and ensuring them freedom of creation.

    Art manifests itself spontaneously through artists, making them messengers.

    Creative independence

    To maintain creative independence of the artists we fundraise for the projects through crowdfunding platforms, sponsors, foundations, celebrities, production and distribution units who share our values and vision.

    Worldwide Broadcast

    We could broadcast through classic broadcasting media like cinema and television but we prioritize web broadcasting and all emerging digital platforms, as this is the most powerful and fastest way to reach people all over the world (with vod & video sharing platforms, as well as through our partners and social networks).

    Films are also screened at international films festivals.

    In addition to this media, we remain attentive to any new means of broadcasting on and offline, as our intention is to broadcast our projects as broadly as possible to elevate consciousness of a significant number of people in the world.

    Screening of film with debates

    The films will also be presented during a screening debate or during a festival or artistic event to allow the general public to meet the artists and the speakers present in the films to share about the subject of the film.

    Artistic events

    Organizing or being part of artistic events, festivals, concerts that embrace our intention.


    To put its experience and certainty at the service of Life.

    Raphael Lancetti


    Chairman (member of board)

    More than ever, we must contribute to bring the world to greater harmony, respect, love and compassion. Nausicart as the Hummingbird will play its part in the emergence of this better world using art as a powerful vector of emotions.

    Jean-Marie Villame

    New technologies dept

    Treasurer (member of board)

    Editor, post-producer, specialized in the new technologies, the VR and the new ways of broadcast, I offer all these aptitudes in the service of Nausicart whose engagement touches me and echoes in me.

    Fabienne Le Gall

    Projects dept

    Secretary General (member of board)

    Production manager specializing in documentary, I decided after more than 15 years in Paris to change my life's pace by moving to the South. Today I am proud to put my skills at the service of Nausicart.

    Virginie Lancetti

    Chief projects officer

    I believe films are a powerful tool that can touch the heart of Human Beings. Line producer in the advertising industry with international directors, on documentaries and TV programs on Canal+ and events producer for some of the world's foremost well-being experts including Deepak Chopra (at le Grand Rex in Paris) and Arun Gandhi as well as Marianne Williamson.


    "Unity is strength, when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved" - Mattie Stepanek

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    Passion Pictures is an award film production company and animated films

    Firstep is a film production company

    The Lunt Foundation supports pioneering evolution and inspires whose who dare

    Dtaudio is an award sound design & post mix studio

    On passe à l'acte is an NGO that inspires to act for the world and releases the power of action of everyone

    Kamea Meah is an association at the service of creation, self-production and documentary distribution

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